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InfoSec Consulting is based in the North East of England and has been functioning as an independent consultancy firm, specialising in Information Assurance and Cyber Security, company since 2008. We are a recognised and listed Cyber Security supplier ensuring clients receive the highest level of expertise. We have provided consultancy and support to clients, such as, law enforcement and government projects.

Employees at InfoSec Consulting have extensive skills and knowledge in the field of cyber security and undertake regular professional development and training to ensure their knowledge and skills are always relevant and current across the security community. 

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Mark is an independent senior NCSC Certified Cyber Professional (CCP) scheme member with an impressive range of Risk Management (SCCP-SIRA) and Technical Security (SCCP-IA Architect) skills qualified by a number of prominent industry certifications and credentials. He has previously served as the N3/NHSnet Security Manager for the North East of England, and, as Head of Security Consultancy for one of the UK’s top four business process outsourcers.


Mark has served a wide range of UK Government IA programmes and has established an outstanding reputation for delivering results. He has previously supported high profile projects at: Criminal Records Bureau; Ministry of Justice; HM Revenue & Customs; TV Licensing; and, the NHS.

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